Amy Trager

Certified Professional Organizer

Guiding You Through the Stress of Your Stuff

Amy Trager, Certified Professional Organizer ® offers a variety of organizing services both in the city of Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs. If you are looking for Amy's guidance outside the greater Chicagoland area, contact her to get details on making a custom plan for your project.

Whether looking for guidance in your home or office, there is an assortment of services offered. These include, but are not limited to help in the following areas: closets; pantries and cabinets; garages; basements; storage spaces; filing systems; paper management and furniture placement. Larger projects might consist of unpacking services when moving into a new permanent or temporary space, downsizing before moving into a new space and/or whole-home purges. Whatever the project might be, the systems created will be customized to both the physical space and the people using the items/space.

If necessary, Amy is happy to provide information about or arrange for recycling, donating items and/or the removal of items no longer wanted or needed.

Amy has hands-on experience working with the elfa ® closet system.

Keep in mind, all appointments are confidential. The organizer working with your belongings is insured. Amy Trager, CPO ® is also a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and follows their code of ethics.

Amy offers assistance for most types of projects and levels of disorganization. If appropriate, Amy's team of PO's (professional organizers) will guide you through the process of creating a space you love and deserve. So, whether you think you might hoard or just feel a little disorganized, contact Amy to learn how professionals could help you. The team is also available to assist with residential moving and relocation.