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Containing Creativity

I work with a lot of people who are creative in a variety of ways:  artists, writers, crafters, scrapbook makers, designers, DIYers...the list goes on and on.  I find that the more common tools for organizing their spaces are often too boring to satisfy their creative sides.

What's an organizer to do?

Well, certainly there are some great looking products out there that can add color and texture to a wonderful space.  Sometimes fancy, colorful bins will do the trick. 


Other times, depending on the space, bulkier items need to be relatively accessible - possibly along side a multitude of other items.  This is great for those involved in larger projects like sewing, making toys, or working with found items. 

Maybe the containers need to be a little more fluid and interactive?  Try something modular for small items.  And, if it still feels too dull and rigid, try going all out to create the space you need to get your tasks done.  Technically, you can always reinvent the wheel and overhaul an entire room for craft projects.

For some, the act of creating your own containers and racks makes the battle of staying organized much easier to tackle.  Should you feel inclined to make some custom organizational tools, I've got some ideas to share!  (I will caution you, make sure you have the time to make these things first, before you add to your ever-growing to-do list!)  The internet has tons of fabulous, artsy ways to store jewelry and make-up. 

However you contain your tools and supplies, remember to label when helpful and always put things away at the end of the day!


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