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It's SO Cold Outside!

Yes, yes, we all know....winter is cold. Chicago can be incredibly cold in winter, and more specifically, the snow is coming this week. Combine that with working from home and most of us could be housebound.

Like most, when I'm housebound, I start off with a cozy blanket, a good movie and far too many cookies.

And, after awhile, I start to get antsy. Stir crazy, even. 

What a perfect time to get organized, don't you think?! In theory, at least.

We start to think about all the things we have on our to-do lists (usually, starting with gathering all the to-do lists), and it becomes really overwhelming. That's totally normal. When we think about all the things we want to accomplish at one time, it seems insurmountable. But, when we list them out and pick the most important things, the tasks might seem a bit more manageable. More doable. If breaking those ideas down still seems like more than you'd like to wrap your head around, just get started.

That's right. Just start already! Do something. That little something means you are a little something closer to your end goal. You have that little something less on your list. And, if you're able to do a little something every day or every week, pretty soon you've done quite a lot! And, there won't be so many things left on the master list.

So, even if you've already braved the weather and have returned to society, that's no reason to turn your back on your lists and goals. Start the year off on a an active, participatory note. Take action towards your goals. Do it it tiny steps, a little at a time, if that helps.

Do it, though. And, get started already!

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