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Put it On the Calendar

A quick note about calendars today.

There are so many things going on today, tomorrow.....everyday!  If, like many, you struggle to keep up with where you need to be and when - and possibly other people in the family, too - there's still hope!

There are two things to remember to have a successful calendar system:

1) Have one calendar for everything.  It can be paper or electronic, whichever works best for you.  But, this should be the only calendar you have.  There should not be one in your pocket/purse, one on the wall and one on your desk.  It's too easy to forget to put something on the other two.  Appointments will get lost in the shuffle. 

2) Put everything on your calendar.  And, I mean everything.  Anything you need to keep track of, get done or want to do.  Not only should appointments and meetings be on this calendar, but so should phone calls to make, emails to send, reminders to pay bills or check out websites (like this blog!).  If you're keeping track of a partner, employee or child's schedule, that should be on this calendar, too.  They key is to color code appointments (especially easy with an electronic calendar, but still doable on paper).  For example, your appointments are orange.  Your spouse's are blue.  The kids are purple.  Phone call/emails to follow up on are green.  Paying bills show up in red.  And, TV shows to watch and reminders to exercise are black.  For those working on paper, get erasable colored pencils, so appointments can be erased and moved easily.


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