Amy Trager LLC has worked with numerous clients who have been wonderful enough to share their experiences here. To read more reviews of working with Amy and her team, visit her Yelp! and Facebook pages. If this sounds like the kind of experience you'd like to have, contact Amy to see how she can help you become more organized.

Amy Trager was very helpful during my move into an apartment. She discussed the options for storage and use of space with me and came up with the best options for me. She was able to help in many different capacities, creating a storage system and also inventing an efficient use of space for furniture. I was most impressed with the way Amy worked with me and took my concerns and ideas and used them while coming up with the end result. I imagine I would still be knee-deep in boxes if Amy hadn't been there.

Margaret O., Legal Project Manager

Amy Trager is a wonderful Professional Organizer. She provided me with exceptional service when I moved from an apartment into a two story home. Her professionalism really made my move/transition smooth. She suggested several ways to set-up the rooms and ideas for how to organize my belongings. Amy is very flexible and really goes the extra mile to make her clients happy!

Jessica P., High School Teacher

Amy helped a seemingly unmanageable project of organizing several rooms in my apartment become very controllable. Not only did she organize the existing rooms, but she provided tips to help me STAY organized. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Kelly S., Nurse

Amy's organizing work helped me get my home office back into working condition. She managed to help me weed out all that "stuff" I didn't need anymore. Amy came up with several creative storage and display solutions for memorabilia. I was also able to use Amy's help in organizing by basement closets into usable spaces. The best aspect about Amy's work is that the solutions last. The clutter doesn't come back.

Ron M., Publisher

Amy is a godsend! Her upbeat, non-threatening approach to organizing our MOUNTAINS of 'stuff' put us at ease, and she designed custom organization systems for our needs. She helped us clean out the clutter when we put our house on the market and the offers we got MORE than paid for her services! Without Amy's help in packing our move would have been a NIGHTMARE! Despite the mover's attempts to shove everything in the garage, we were able to find and unpack things quickly. Amy was more than wiling to assist us in the 'undesirable' task of cleaning out our lower level after a flood. Without her help, we would have been overwhelmed. She helped us sort/salvage our belongings and even got my packrat husband to help! I've referred her to others and would do it again in a heartbeat! A great gift for new homeowners - my sister is STILL thanking me! Thanks, Amy!

Jennifer S., Teacher

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