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No Time Like NOW

I've had a string of people contacting me lately that I haven't spoken or worked with in over a year.  It got me thinking.

I tend to follow up with my clients for quite some time.  Occasionally, it's because I know there are other projects they'd like to finish, and we're trying to gauge the best time to do so.  Other times, it's just to make sure everything is still functioning the way they'd like.  So, when a whole year or more has gone by of no communication, there are a few reasons:

1) Everything on their project list is complete and their systems are working well

2) They still aren't ready or able to start organizing their space

3) They are so busy that responding to emails or phone calls is very low on the list

All valid reasons.  Hopefully, mostly the first reason!

But, turns out, those in category number two are coming around!  They've realized that the time to get organized and make sense of their space is now!  Sure, they're busy.  Sure, they're still a little cautious about having someone come to their home or office and look through all the things behind closed doors that no one else normally sees.  However, they realize that getting organized is more important than whatever uneasiness or embarrassment that might cause.

Getting organized - and staying organized - will save time in the long run.  No more searching for things.  No more late bills.  No more buying duplicates.  No more feeling cramped and uncomfortable in your own space.

So, when is the best time to get organized?  NOW!


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