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Phone Apps Galore!

I have a smartphone. Really, a pocket computer. Our phones can do just about anything these days.

However, I know what's best for me and my phone (read: I still control this phone!).  I'm smart enough to know how to best organize my phone and keep it clutter free.

Let's talk apps.

There are exactly one bazillion phone/tablet apps available.  Some are included on devices; some are free; some need to be bought.  What's important are a couple key points:

Take stock in what's already on the device.  Before new apps are downloaded, scroll through the menu on the phone or tablet to make sure there isn't already an app installed that will do the exact same functions.  If there is, ask yourself if you have used the already installed app before.  If the answer is yes, then decide if it warranted searching for a new app that does the same thing.  Perhaps, the old app didn't work well or was too cumbersome.  Maybe it didn't give the results you were looking for.  Then, uninstall this app to make room for the new app that will do the same task.  BUT, if the old app worked well and it was simply forgotten about, there's no need to download another.

Clear out apps that you have no interest in whatsoever.  Are there apps listed in your device's menu that you've never used, never heard of  and have no idea why it's there?  If it's possible to uninstall the app, do so.  If it's not removable, then you might consider disabling updates.  This will at least stop the unused app from downloading newer versions and taking up space on the device.

Organize your screens so that apps are categorized appropriately.  Most devices have multiple screens that can be swiped from side to side.  Organize the apps that are shown on these pages accordingly.  For example, the home screen that shows up when the device is turned on should showcase the apps you go to multiple times a day.  Email, calendars, contact lists, weather reports.  Whatever it is you are looking at everyday should appear here.  The other pages that swipe left or right can be categorized to show apps related to each other - that also get used daily or weekly.  There might be an "entertainment" page.  A "news" page.  A "social media" page.  A "tools" page (think calculator, clock, etc.).  A "transportation" page.  And so on.  Make sure it makes sense for you.

Only showcase apps on the home screens that are used often and regularly.  If there are apps on your device that you do in fact use, but only occasionally, then move those off the home screens.  Keeping those listed in the main menu is just fine.  No need to overcrowd the home screens and clutter them up.

And, to keep your device running smoothly, and cut down on the amount of battery it's using, remember to close apps after you're done using them!


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