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Traveling Tips

We're nearing the end of the school year, which means many more vacations are getting planned. Traveling, even just for fun, can be a chaotic, hectic time. So, let's make it as easy on ourselves as possible.

There's more to traveling then just packing the essentials (although that is important).  There are things to consider about the home you're leaving behind, the regular activities you might be skipping and the activities you might enjoy on your trip.

Don't forget to do some things at home before you head out! 

1) Water the plants

2) Make sure all the garbage has been taken out.  If garbage day is while you're gone, make sure you've arranged for someone to take it to the curb for you.

3) Make sure at least one trustworthy neighbor knows you'll be gone and for how long.  They can contact you if something happens to the house while you're gone.

4) Depending on how long you're gone, you might want to cancel mail or newspaper delivery.  Or, have someone come pick it up for you.

5) Do any of the lights need timers?

6) Set the A/C so plants won't die while you're away, but that you won't walk home into the coolest house on the block.

7) Do you have pets that need to be taken care of while you're away?

8) Make sure the windows and doors are all shut and locked!

Check the calendar before you take off!

1) What activities are on the calendar during the time you'll be gone?

2) Do you have to notify anyone that you will not be attending these events?

3) Do they need rescheduling? 

4) Do you need to send replacements in your stead?

5) Are these activities that you can accomplish on your trip?  For example, if there's a note on the calendar to write up a report for the condo association, can you take the information with you?  Will you have time to tackle the task?

Remember what you'll be doing while you're away!

1) Are there special activities you'll need special clothes or equipment to do on your trip?  Think snorkeling, skiing, hiking, boating and the like.

2) Will you need any information to complete your travels? Travel books, maps, apps for your phone to translate languages or identification.

3) If the family pet is going with you on this adventure, make sure you are able to keep the pet where you plan to stay and pack supplies for him/her.

4) Are you supposed to be bringing gifts?  Food?  This will also help you complete your packing list.

These tips will help you have a lovely trip and an easy transition back in to everyday life when you return.  Happy travels!


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